Turku Science Park Oy Ltd

Regional development company Turku Science Park Ltd

Turku Science Park Ltd. is a non-profit development company for the entire Turku subregion that works in close cooperation with local, national and international actors in the fields of business and economic development. The company produces and facilitates services to support the founding of companies as well as their growth, development and internationalisation.

Boost Turku

Boost Turku – Entrepreneurship community for students

Boost Turku is a student-run entrepreneurship society that aspires to help young and ambitious students to become successful startup entrepreneurs.

Boost organizes many events and courses throughout the year, which focus not only on entrepreneurship, but also on personal development and building soft skills.

Startup Journey is Boost’s award-winning early-stage startup accelerator program that has been running since 2012 creating 80+ companies.


Creve – Creative Business Developer

The main purpose of Creve is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams – to bring their plans into fruition by offering group guidance, business courses, virtual accelerators and creative cooperation. Creve is actively engaged in enhancing the network of creative industry services in Finland. In doing so, Creve functions as a facilitator of the creative economy.

In addition to offering both short- and long-term support for new creative entrepreneurs, Creve also helps existing businesses develop their operations. Creve’s customers include entrepreneurs in the fields of e.g. design, wellness, digital marketing, sports, gaming and experience production.