SparkUp is located at the heart of Turku Science Park in ElectroCity.


The SparkUp Community
Tykistökatu 4 B, 20520 Turku, (ElectroCity)

On the map

Our doors are normally open from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.

Unobstructed access

Unobstructed access to SparkUp is via ElectroCity’s A entrance.

Vehicles can reach the A entrance by driving through the courtyard shared by ElectroCity and BioCity (between Tykistökatu 4 and 6). The space is narrow and may pose a challenge for minibuses or other larger vehicles. Driving up all the way to the A entrance is possible for small passenger cars. See the location on the map.

You can also get close to the accessible entrance via Joukahaisenkatu (Joukahaisenkatu 3) by driving up to ICT-City.

Please inform the event you are participating in if you are using this route.